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Me Myself and Mind

This production, explores mental health issues, ranging from anxiety, depression, negative body image and others.

Our Home Holiday Town

This is our most recent production exploring multifaceted issues of living as a young person in one of Australia’s most popular coastal resorts.

Loves Me Loves Me Not

A poignant exploration of the issue of consent in all its forms.

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In My Skin

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In My Skin

This production, which explores issues of racism and prejudice was created in response to youth and community audiences requests after our previous productions Here Today and Gone Tomorrow.

Racism is a hot topic not only in Australia but world wide with increased awareness of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander issues, asylum seekers, refugees and right wing groups and organisations inciting white supremacy.

The production incorporated 3D graphic projections interspersed between stylised dramatic scenes to transport the audience into a new future World where no culture or practices exists. The Company also used song and choreographed dance to create a powerful, poignant production which raised many questions and hopefully galvanised audiences to take more action to create a more harmonious society.


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Creative Dirctor, Lisa Apostolides, wrote the play which was then work shopped by BYT cast members and actor Sam Hemphill.

“ I decided to play a lead role of Lily in this production” shares Lisa “ as I didn’t feel it appropriate for the majority of the violence to be directed at a young person.  I engaged Sam to play the role of my new partner who has difficulties in dealing with my teenage son, Daniel, played by Seth Freeman, from a previous relationship.  Both Lily and Daniel suffer verbal, emotional and physical abuse.

The work shopping and rehearsal period were intense and fruitful in creating an extremely moving and powerful play which highlights the complex problems in such situations and how to access assistance.  Other characters of Daniel’s girlfriend and her friends played by Serren Glenn, Tilka Fosmale, Kia Walsey and Brynn Davis-Hay created a fantastic supporting subplot adding to the tension and drama.

Gone Tomorrow

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This incredibly powerful play focuses on pressures that young people often face which can lead to suicidal ideation.